Frequently Asked questions about A Faster You (AFU)

1. What does your logo (Da vinci man) stand for?
A) The logo represents perfect balance and symmetry, the perfect balance between the art and science of athletic performance improvement

2. How did you come up with the name A Faster You, and why are the initials AFU not AFY?
A) The name is the brainchild of one of our coaches (Coach Scoot), and the U in the initials stands for the unique style in which we develop our training

3. How long has the team been around?
A) This season is our second competing under the name A Faster You. The previous 6 years we competed as CITI track and field club

4. What was your reason for starting AFU?
A) One of the main reasons we started AFU, was to give maximum exposure to the athletes that were talented enough to compete at a national level, and the flexibility to enter and compete in meets that could best benefit our athletes

5. You speak about national level performances, as someone not really good can I still join?
A) Of course!! Almost all our athletes started at levels below their peers, or were rejected by other teams. Most of our athletes improve at rates twice as fast as their peers

6. How does this happen?
A) This is possible because of the individual attention and unique approach we take to training our athletes. The correct foundation can lead to great things. We have a saying “U can drive the perfect car, with the best driver, but you will NEVER get to New York driving 95 South” from our location.

7. This sounds good, I’m ready to do great things so I should be much improved in 2 weeks, right?
A) Our methods are sound but everyone still has to put the work. Our training is not easy. It requires total commitment and dedication. Remember that like most things in life, what’s worth having isn’t easily attained and you will get from this what you put into it.